What is Shrub?

making the old new.

Basking in the Italian sunlight at an outdoor cafe, you may have sipped aperitif or digestif all of your life. In other parts of the world, the term drinking vinegar may be relatively unknown. Dandy’s drinking vinegars are high quality balsamics, carefully sourced to provide a new level of richness to a beautiful fruit-and-spice-infused beverage.

An old-world beverage, shrubs and switchels were long-forgotten until recently. Some may wonder why these drinks are rapidly becoming a daily staple, and what makes Dandy’s Shrubs & Switchels so special.

People sip Dandy’s Shrubs and Switchels for different reasons. Many embark on a new beverage experience purely for the unique taste. Others are looking for a drink known for it’s positive effect on digestive and cardiovascular health. Another group of conscientious consumers seeks a new brew for cocktails, whether they be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Above all, the goodness and purity of the simple-yet-elegant ingredients are enjoyed by one and all. Way back then, and now once again.